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Drawing Workshop 

Visiting Artist : Mr Jarel Threat




The Drawing Workshop was a great success and everyone had a great time.  Mr. Threat was our visiting artist for our drawing workshop.  He is one of our former students who attended the Sugar Land School of Fine Art for three and a half years.  Mr. Threat graduated from Lamar High School and is now attending the Ringling Brothers School of Fine Art in Sarasota, Florida.  He was selected by the college as one of the best freshman artist and has two  permanent collections at the college and this is just his first year. 
Mr. Threat showed the students his portfolio and talked to them about full figure drawing.  He selected some students to do a pose and then he would draw them in 5 to 10 minutes, and then 20 sections.  He talked about how each model changes positions quickly in class and you have to draw them for that short period of time, which is called a short drawing.  Long drawings is a model who keeps the same position for one or two hours and that is all you draw. 
He also talked about the face and how to draw it quickly with charcoal and how when your doing full figure drawing the face is not what the artist really pay attention to.  It is the body which should express movement and action which is what they focus on.  The face comes later when you are learning just the face for detail which comes later.  He used his Kneaded eraser to show different tones of color.  He had each student drew the person across from them using charcoal.  He told them not to draw the hair doing one strain at a time because it takes too long.  He said to use tones of color.  He even talked about the paper that is used for full figure drawing and how expensive the paper is.  He said he uses newsprint which works well for him in class and that he does full figure drawing classes twice a week in college. 
Haley and Sai presented him with two gifts.  One gift was a Notebook Prop, which is a stand for your lap top computer, see the gift at www.notebookprop.com.  He was also given a picture of himself painting in one of the teen classes.  All of the students signed around the frame of it for him in different colors.  The cake had the same picture on it and said congratulations Jarel terrific artist.  The kids turned out the lights when he came to the door and  everyone said surprise when he came to the door.  His mother came in later and he asked her how did she know and smiled.  The students took a group picture.  Even parents who are interested in art stayed for the work shop.  He was given a financial contribution and a certificate of appreciation for doing the workshop. 

 He gave the students some very good and valuable information that they will be able to use in class and when creating.   They asked a lot of questions and we all had a great time.  It was very nice for Mr. Threat to take the time to come back to our school and see us.